The Great American … book of some kind

There are cooks, and there are chefs, and then there are chefs who are sought after for the kitchens of the restaurants with numerous Michelin stars.

There are engineers, and then there are engineers who design that next generation of rocket, or landing module, for who knows what planet, and those engineers who figure out how to squeeze energy out of what binds matter together.

There are artists who are painters, those who are recognized for capturing a certain moment for all time, and there are artists who are remembered for all time for the moments that they captured.

Then there are the writers.  Many just get to write memos.  Some are lucky enough to be able to sell their work.  Then, there are those who have absolutely no idea of the chemistry within their work, they simply know that they are pressured to present it.  If they are lucky, it finds a broader outlet than they hoped.  Some are called artists, some kind of poet.  Language smith should be a better term or, maybe sculptor.

I don’t know if I am a cook or not.  It has been suggested I should have a whack at being a chef.  I will have to learn how to graduate from Irish Stew.

So, here it goes.  I have something of a model.  I suppose it is based on the expansion of western thought into the Americas.  What is the chemistry then that caused this thought to become particularly American?  Not sure.  Hold on for the ride.

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