Ok, kiddies, here it is ….

The long awaited second post.

It will be an expansion of my “about” post.

I now consider myself to be retired.

I am expanding a few interests.

I am going to complete my liberal arts education, interrupted by illness in 1973.  I am going to figure out how to walk the St. Jacques de Compostela trail as a pilgrm.  I am going to write the great American novel, set in the early 19th century, featuring my Jewish ancestors.

I am going to examine matters related to Queering the Church.  If you are gay, the language that the Catholic Church uses to describe your sexual orientation is insulting.  This needs to change.  The welcome the Church offers seems to be improving.

I will follow a few interests that are of concern to me; the bubble in student loans, how to avoid too much debt, how to pay down the debt, these interest me still.

Retirement, saving, comfortable living in retirement, safeguarding retirement savings, not outliving one’s savings, and how this ties into living within one’s means, and living frugally (not living cheaply), will remain themes.



One Response to Ok, kiddies, here it is ….

  1. tom0153 says:

    Yup, I’ve pursued these interests. Mostly by posting to Facebook. I was happy to see the shift in the way Boy Scouts of America approached adult leaders who are gay. I am happy to see this current Pope suggests needed shifts in attitude within the Church. I am afraid, though, the organization is still beset by paranoia.
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